Tips to Make Your Home Appear More Spacious

Space isn’t just about square footage; it’s also about brightness, airiness, your personal wellbeing at home and the potential prospective buyers or tenants see when they come to view your home. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some space-saving tips to make any room in your home feel bigger and brighter.

Low furniture with exposed legs 

To maximise your living space, opt for lower beds and sofas with exposed legs. Low furniture pieces create the illusion of more space by not taking up too much of it, while exposed legs allow light to flow more freely around the room rather than blocking it out. 

Wall mounting and hanging 

If your kitchen workspace feels tight, hanging pots and pans, utensils and cutting boards will free up some counter space, and this is a great way to design with functionality. Similarly, mounting TVs, fireplaces, and vanities to the walls in your other rooms will create a pleasing focal point and throw out the need for bulky furniture taking up unnecessary space.  

Multifunctional pieces 

The more function you can get out of one single piece of furniture, the better! Desks with built-in drawers or shelves, nesting tables, seats and benches with storage compartments are all great examples of optimising the practicality of your living space without the clutter. Similarly, islands with built-in shelves are a fantastic storage solution for your kitchen.

Use rugs to separate rooms 

Creating boundaries in a room can make it feel more spacious. Rugs are often more effective than erecting walls or larger objects across the room, as they add a touch of style and comfort without limiting any of the available floor space. The effect of well-placed rugs will make a room look large and organised, as the sectioned-off spaces translate into mini destinations all tied into one accommodating room without overlap. 

Choose your colour palette 

Cut out any chaos in your home by coordinating colours and patterns. The equilibrium of shades and tones will give your furnishings the purposeful appearance that everything is in its right place and no space is being wasted. Don’t underestimate the power of neutral colours in small spaces, as bright colours can overwhelm the room and enhance that unruly, cluttered feeling. When choosing your colour scheme, you should also bear in mind that warm colours advance and therefore crowd small spaces, whereas cool colours recede, which means they partner well with tight spaces that you want to feel calm and airy. 

Create better traffic flow 

A telling sign of a cramped home is not being able to move around with ease. Take a moment to walk around the entirety of your home and understand the traffic flow. If you find that you’re bumping into things or squeezing your way through spaces; your home’s traffic flow will need some adjustment. Carve out a clear path in your living space by removing or rehoming items that serve as obstacles. The key is to ensure that one room flows smoothly into another, as achieving this means that you have utilised your space perfectly.  

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