Thinking of buying at an Auction?

Thinking of buying at an Auction?

“Without a doubt it could be the best thing you could ever do before and after Auction day!”

Buyers at an auction come in many guises. Whether you are a seasoned property investor or first-time developer keen to maximise a properties potential and value, what has become priceless for many is the value of gaining independent and impartial property advice, both pre and post Auction, from knowledgeable and trusted Local Estate Agents.

Lawson Estate Agents in Plymouth have a history of working with such clients and a reputation locally for honest and clear talking advice.

A two-office independent estate agent covering the Plymouth area, Lawson Director Ben Dreher believes that successful planning can prove very beneficial and save time and money later on – particularly true if you wish to develop a residential property and look to sell afterwards.

‘In an ever-changing market, making the right decision early on extensions and improvements, can prove invaluable in the longer run” says Ben.

‘Pre-Auction really is about getting a knowledge of what the potential buyer wants to do once they have secured the property – and from this we can look at options and potential outcomes monetary wise’.

‘Some properties offer the potential to change room configurations and extend and while many buyers will plan to simply renovate, the costing out of ‘added potential value’ pre auction can make the difference in paying the right price or potentially too much on Auction day.’



Ben believes that many auction buyers that do have plans in place for when / if they bid successfully, are often not totally in line with the buying public. A good estate agents’ advice can often lead to some really good results along the way.

‘If you do want to renovate and sell on, it’s about building a level of trust and understanding early” said Ben “We have years of experience in giving the right advice on layout and post auction buyer needs and demand. We continue the advice during the refit with discussions on fixtures and fittings. It’s paramount to be able to appeal to the buying public and get your hard work the maximum price. Without a doubt it could be the best thing you could ever do before and after auction day!”

For anyone looking to purchase at an auction in the Plymouth and West Devon region who would welcome some independent advice please contact Ben and the team on 01752 791333 or email

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