Healthy home makeover tips

In this busy modern world, coming home should feel like taking a breath of fresh air. Now could be the time to turn your living space into your happy place. Here are some relaxed yet effective tips for a wholesome home makeover.
Embrace natural lighting

Not only does sunlight elevate your mood, but it also helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, promoting better sleep and overall well-being. Make sure to open up the curtains, pull back the blinds and let the sun flood into your home. If any of your rooms are feeling dingy or cramped, consider a furniture swap around to ensure that light travels in freely. 
Indoor greenery
The calming presence of indoor plants can invigorate your living spaces. Not only do plants introduce a charming touch of the outdoors to your home, but they also absorb toxins and purify the air. If you’re known for having a busy schedule, look for low-maintenance options such as aloe, dracaena, or succulents. 
Deep clean and declutter

A clutter-free home is conducive to a stress-free mindset. A sense of harmony at home is important for your well-being, so take some time to declutter and organise your living spaces. A deep clean can revitalise neglected nooks and crannies while also eliminating dust and allergens, allowing for better air quality. Tidiness and order are also key, as an organised and minimal living space evokes a sense of calm.
Filtered water
Hydration is the key to a healthy body and mind, and there are ways you can upgrade your water system at home for better purity. Invest in a water filtration system for a healthy home enhancement. This ensures that every glass of water is free from impurities, promoting better health for your body and your appliances. If you’re on a budget, filtered water jugs or tap filters are wallet-friendly options which will achieve the same effect. 
Create a sleep sanctuary

Getting a good night’s sleep will have a positive impact on every facet of your everyday life. To encourage healthy behaviours, make a conscious effort to minimise any items which may interfere with your sleeping patterns. This could mean setting time limits on blue-light devices, adding a bookshelf to your room for bedtime reading, and investing in a comfortable mattress and quality bedding. 
Mindful materials
If your home could benefit from a few furniture upgrades, make sure to opt for materials which contribute to a healthier indoor environment. For a stylish and eco-friendly aesthetic, look for furniture made from bamboo, reclaimed wood or low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints to reduce indoor air pollutants. You could also do your bit for the environment by selling your old furniture instead of throwing it out, or by buying second-hand rather than brand new.
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