Finding homebuyers with Facebook advertising

The impact of the pandemic means the property sector continues to adapt and find innovative ways to market properties digitally. With this in mind, The Guild has launched a new product, Hooked, which uses data-driven Facebook advertising to find prospective buyers for Guild properties.

How does Hooked work?
Hooked is a tool that helps you cast your net far and wide, reeling in new buyers on Facebook before they’ve even started looking. Hooked targets Facebook users with ads for appropriate homes on sale. The Facebook users need not have given any indication they want to move home, as Hooked matches the users with those already registered as prospective buyers on agents’ databases.
Although these ‘lookalike’ Facebook users have not suggested they want to move, the fact that their social media characteristics are like those of buyers registered on agents’ databases will be sufficient for Hooked to identify appropriate properties and display them.
From this information, Hooked builds a lookalike audience on Facebook. Hooked then looks at the agent’s website and sees when your property has been listed. The system will automatically create a bespoke advert for your home on Facebook and serves it to the lookalike audience.
When it is comes to digital marketing, social media is an important element for providing amazing results and is very beneficial in reaching a larger targeted audience to view your property.
Advantages of marketing your property on Facebook
The key benefit to advertising your home on Facebook is simple – almost everyone uses the platform regularly, so you’ll get more eyes on your property than ever before! So, we are offering a data-driven, modern marketing strategy which is evolving in line with consumer behaviour.
Your home will be targeted to thousands of people who are looking for a property just like yours. In fact, your home could be the first someone sees, before beginning their search on property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. 
Your agent will be able to send you regular reports on the activity of the advert, including how many people have viewed your property online and how much exposure the advert has given your home.
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