Creating a wellness space at home

In today’s fast-paced world, having a home which inspires peace and comfort is more important than ever. If you’re seeking somewhere to unwind and switch off, here’s how to cultivate your own wellness space and promote a sense of calm in your home. 

Set the scene 

Your home isn’t just a place to rest your head, it should be your retreat from the stresses of the outside world. Choose your most comfortable room or a cosy nook to set the scene. Consider spaces with ample lighting and ventilation, as these elements will contribute significantly to your sense of calm. 

Simplify your living spaces 

A clutter-free home is a peaceful home, so take a minimalist approach when designing a wellness space. Decluttering and simplifying could be as easy as removing a few unnecessary items in favour of pieces that contribute to the soothing atmosphere you’re trying to create. A balanced, thoughtfully designed space is perfect for meditation and quiet reflection as it minimises distractions. 

Create a habitat for hobbies 

A key element in health and well-being is having time to invest in your hobbies and interests. Whatever your niche, dedicate a room or a workspace to it so that you can focus your full attention on the things you love. This space should feel separate from the distractions of the rest of the house, so choose a spare bedroom, an office corner or even a spot in the garage or shed.  

Choose a mindful colour palette 

Colours have a profound impact on our mood, so opt for a calming colour palette that resonates with you. Whatever your favourite colour, find it in a soft shade and pair it with neutrals to create a serene backdrop for your wellness space. 

Tap into your senses 

Engage your senses with elements that go beyond the visual. Find spots around your home for candles, essential oils, and speakers for soothing music to create a multi-sensory experience. You should also focus on touch by layering on top of smooth, shiny surfaces with plush cushions and soft materials. 

Add personal touches 

Infuse your wellness space with personal touches that hold significance for you, as the sense of familiarity will be comforting. Display your favourite artwork, photographs, or cherished trinkets that hold happy memories. Surrounding yourself with meaningful items can heighten your sense of belonging, promoting a welcoming and homely atmosphere. 

Create a room for rest 

Occasional naps have plenty of health benefits, especially if you work long hours in the week and often find yourself in need of a reset. Create a space dedicated to restful, rejuvenating sleep by utilising black-out blinds, memory foam pillows and mattresses, and a shelf of easy-read books. Try to strip back on technology in this area, as television, tablets and other blue-light emitting devices can have a detrimental impact on our quality of sleep.  

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