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17 Jul 2024

Top tips to find your perfect home this summer

Moving home is becoming a more streamlined and less stressful process and this is perhaps most true during the summer months. A relaxing vibe in...


11 Jul 2024

Common-mistakes first-time buyers often make

Navigating a clear path for yourself in the property market can be a challenging ordeal for a first-time buyer. So, we’re here to help identify...


11 Jul 2024

Why summer is a good time to sell your home

Selling property in the summer season will always remain a smart move, as the warm season offers several advantages that can help you secure a...


1 Jul 2024

How to spot an overpriced property

You may have found an ideal property, and you can feel yourself falling for it but there is a niggling question at the back of...


28 Jun 2024

How will the UK general election impact the property and financial markets?

With the UK general election approaching on Thursday 4th July 2024, we look to a panel of industry experts to determine what the impact could...


11 Jun 2024

For sale: Five of the best gorgeous gardens

Finding your gorgeous garden is a joy at any time of the year, although the spring and summer months can make it a more magical...


22 May 2024

Tips to invest in a holiday home

Having a magical home hidden away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life is a great asset to own. Not only will you...


17 May 2024

Top 20 new builds for sale

New builds, with their sleek modern finishes and eco-friendly features, are amongst the most coveted property types in the UK. If you’re looking for a...


18 Apr 2024

Moving House in Northern Ireland: Ballymena

Ballymena is a town located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, situated approximately 30 miles north-west of Belfast. Historically, Ballymena has been a significant hub for...


10 Apr 2024

A homebuyer’s guide to navigating changing mortgage rates

Mortgage interest rates are falling, which is good news, but fluctuations in the recent past can feel a bit unsettling. So, let’s take a look...


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